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take out available miso soup edamami tempuras: chicken vegetables shrimp calamari deep fried appetizers: gyoza - deep fried shumai -..4 oz. juicy boneless chicken breast jumbo shrimp - 16 pieces of..your party for a charge of $8.00. (the cake will serve...

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: Sdevoid
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TAKE OUT AVAILABLE Miso Soup Edamami TEMPURAS: CHICKEN VEGETABLES SHRIMP CALAMARI DEEP FRIED APPETIZERS: GYOZA - deep fried SHUMAI - deep fried CHICKEN FINGERS - breaded Each dinner is prepared at your Tappanyaki table in the finest Japanese tradition. Relax and enjoy yourself! Dinners Include: APPETIZER - hibachi jumbo shrimp FRIED RICE - with vegetables HOMEMADE SOUP - made from scratch with real beef & real chicken base SALAD - your choice of dressing SPECIALTY SAUCES - ginger, mustard and our popular seafood JAPANESE VEGETABLES - lightly seasoned zucchini & onions Specialty Salad dressings: House Ginger - creamy & mild Ranch - natural herbs Robust Ginger - enhanced ginger flavor 1000 Island - your old favorite NY STRIP - 8 oz. beef sirloin grilled to your satisfaction CHICKEN & SHRIMP - 4 oz. juicy boneless chicken breast & 4 oz. of delicious shrimp FILET - 8 oz. choice tenderloin prepared NY STRIP & CHICKEN - 4 oz. beef sirloin & 4 oz. juicy boneless chicken breast JUMBO SHRIMP - 16 pieces of black tiger shrimp RIBEYE - 8 oz. Fire & Sticks special cut ribeye grilled to perfection SHRIMP - delicious shrimp seasoned with fresh lemon NY STRIP & SHRIMP - 4 oz. beef sirloin & 4 oz. of delicious shrimp
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SCALLOPS - 8 oz. of large tender sea scallops CHICKEN - 8 oz. juicy boneless chicken breast grilled with mushrooms VEGETABLE - zucchini, onion, carrot, mushroom, peppers, cauliflower and broccoli LOBSTER Filet & Lobster SAMURAI SPECIAL: Filet Mignon, 10 pieces Jumbo Shrimp, & Chicken CREATE YOUR OWN COMBINATION: Select any 2 of the following items: Filet, Chicken, Shrimp, Scallops, Salmon, Tuna, Red Snapper SUMO DINNER SPECIAL: Filet Mignon, Shrimp, & Sea Scallop Teriyaki Sauce available SPECIAL CELEBRATION: Available for your special occasion. We serve a celebration cake and will sing for your party for a charge of $8.00. (The cake will serve 6-8 people.) HIBACHI DINNERS FOR 2: RIBEYE & CHICKEN FILET MIGNON SCALLOP & CHICKEN CHEF'S SPECIAL: RIBEYE STEAK & 10 pieces JUMBO SHRIMP - Prime cut ribeye steak combined with Jumbo shrimp complete with soup, salad, vegetables and fried rice ADULT SHARING: We charge $8.50 additional for any entrée when two adults are sharing a dinner. Shared plate includes (for each) Soup & Salad, 2 pieces Shrimp Appetizer, Fried Rice and Zucchini & Onion. The ordered entrée is shared. EXTRAS: These Items May Only Be Ordered With Entrée VEGETABLES JUMBO SHRIMP FRIED RICE LOBSTER NOODLES grilled with soy & garlic SHRIMP BEAN SPROUTS SCALLOPS SHITAKE MUSHROOMS - Perfect with beef or chicken KODOMO SPECIALS: CHILD MENU - 10 years and under Chicken Plate - includes soup, shrimp appetizer, & fried rice Shrimp Plate - includes soup, shrimp appetizer, & fried rice Sirloin Plate - includes soup, shrimp appetizer, & fried rice Picky Kids Eggs (2) Picky Kids Chicken Fingers (4) BEVERAGES: Coffee, Tea, and Soft Drinks (Coke Products) - unlimited Japanese Hot Tea (pot)
SIGNATURE COCKTAILS: Infused Pineapple - fresh pineapple marinated in Fris Vodka Sakitini - sake & gin Hot Passion - plum wine & hot sake Cherry Blossom - plum wine spritzer with lemon Sake Splash - sake, soda & fresh lime Happy Buddha - rum, triple sec & pineapple juice Geisha - white rum, banana liqueur & fruit juices Mount Fuji - midori, sake, pineapple juice & coconut cream Bonsai - tequila, kahlua & fruit juice Mai Tai - rum & fruit juices Sayonara - light and dark rum, apricot brandy, pineapple & orange juice topped with 151 Emerald - light rum, peach schnapps, orange juice Shimatta - stoli ohranj infused with fresh pineapple; martini style WINE: CHARDONNAY (WHITE) Kendall Jackson Vintner's Reserve, California Sonoma Cutrer, Russian River De Loach, Russian River Saintsburg, Napa OTHER WHITES Leasingham Riesling, Australia Chateau Ste Michelle, Reisling, Colombia County Banfi San Angelo Pinot Grigio, ltaly Bollini Pinot Grigio, ltaly Berringer White Zinfandel, California Sparkling Wines Kenwood Yulupa, California Veuve du Vernay Blanc de Blancs Brut, France Freixenet Cordon Negro Brut, Spain Dom Perignon, France CABERNET SAUVIGNON (RED) Rodney Strong, Sonoma Sagelands, Washington Jordan, Sonoma MERLOT (RED) Columbia Crest, Grand Estate Grand Archer, Sonoma Sterling, Napa Smoking Loon, California OTHER REDS BV Pinot Noir, Carneros Pepperwood Grove, Pinot Noir, California Rancho Zabaco Zinfandel, Dry Creek R.H. Phillips, EXP Syrah, Dunnigan Hills Jacob's Creek Reserve Shiraz, Australia Penfolds Thomas Highlands, Shiraz, Australia RayLen, Cat 5, NORTH CAROLINA Pepperwood Grove, Pinot Noir, California Full Sake Menu: House, served hot: Ozeki Chilled Sake: Ozeke Sake Dry (180 ml) Ozeke Nigori Sake (375 ml)
Ozeki Premier (750 ml) Ozeke Ginjo Premier Sake (720 ml) Fuki Sake (750 ml) Takara Massamune Sake Sho Chiku Bai Ginjo Sake (375 ml) Sho Chiku Bai Organic Sake (375 ml) Sho Chiku Bai Nigori Sake (375 ml) Chilled Plum Wine: Fuki Plum (750 ml) Takara Plum (750) Kikkoman Plum (750 ml) PREMIUM & IMPORTED BEERS Sapporo (22 oz.) Sapporo Asahi Dry Newcastle Heineken Kirin Ichiban (22 oz.) Kirin Kirin Lager Kirin Light Amstel Light Corona Corona Light Clausthaler (non-alcoholic) Killians Bass DOMESTIC BEERS Budweiser Bud Light Bud Select Natural Light Coors Light Miller Light Natural Light Coors Light Michelob Michelob Light Michelob Ultra Smirnoff Ice DRAFT BEERS - 16 oz. Red Oak Bud Light
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