The Blueprint v1.1

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the blueprint v1.0 © ben hunt limited, 2011 1 the blueprint v1.1 business owner's..conversion rates of leads to sales (if applicable). • the size of..key meeting usually takes one hour, and we can do...

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The Blueprint v1.1 pdf

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: June 05, 2012
: Ben Hunt
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The Blueprint v1.0 © Ben Hunt Limited, 2011 1
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The Blueprint v1.1 Business Owner's Guide The “Blueprint” is the proven system for delivering profitable websites that we use in the Pro Web Design Alliance. It is designed to deliver everything you need for your website to make you money – and nothing you don't! This guide explains exactly how we'll deliver a website that will make you money – step by step. Initial Discussions When we first speak, I'll help identify whether your business needs a website at this point. I will only take on the project if I'm sure that my team can deliver a site that makes you profits. If I'm not confident, I'll advise you how you may better invest your marketing budget. To do this, we'll need to understand: The average profit you make from a lead or sale now. Your typical conversion rates of leads to sales (if applicable). The size of the market. Your online competition. How much work will be required to attract enough visitors to your new website. And how long we estimate it will take to generate profits for your business. The Marketing Interview If we are both happy that the potential for profits is good, we will choose to proceed, in principle. Your new website project really begins with an in-depth interview where, together with your designer, we'll explore the entire marketing environment. On this call, I'll introduce you to your project manager, and we'll discuss things like your market, your products, and competition, in more detail. At the end of this call, we'll all be clear on the scope of the website and its objectives. This key meeting usually takes one hour, and we can do it via phone, Skype, or even multi-person video chat. Together, we'll explore, your... 1. Market 2. Customers' needs 3. Products & services 4. Offerings and their benefits of your offerings 5. Competition etc. The Blueprint v1.0 © Ben Hunt Limited, 2011 2
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Your designer will write up all the decisions made in that meeting, and post them for you to review on our online project management space. We can discuss any questions still outstanding. At the end of this process, we will be very clear on what your website needs to achieve in order to make the most of the opportunities in front of you. We'll know how to position your brand and how best to promote the unique benefits of what you offer, to make your website really compelling. Go-ahead After the Marketing Interview, if you're happy to go ahead, I'll write up the project's goals into a formal proposal, which you will need to sign and return to us. Our general website service costs just £2300 (about $3600 US dollars), and covers everything that most small business websites should need. If your site needs extra services, these will be listed in the proposal so that we can agree any additional costs before we proceed. We require a 30% down-payment in order for work to proceed. First Steps We'll set you up on an online project management system. We'll all use this to keep a record of all communication, to share documents, designs, and other assets, and even to track tasks to do. For example, this is where you will see a summary of the notes from our kick-off calls. You can leave your comments, approve work complete, or ask questions to the team here. If your site needs to use third-party services (such as hosting or a mailing list manager) we'll help you through the process of signing up for these. Your project manager will assign other team members as required (which may include a site architect, a graphic designer, a site builder and a copywriter) from our team to implement your website, and will introduce you to them. We select the team members who we think can best deliver an excellent result for you, based on their experience and skill set. Keyword Research and Site Strategy Your site architect will then carry out in-depth keyword research. The goal of this exercise is to identify search terms, which we'll use on different pages on your website, that: Are relevant to your offerings. Get a good number of searches every month. And for which we're confident we can get your site onto page 1 of the Google search results (preferably in the top 3). The benefits of being at the top of the search results are so great (with the #1 result getting 40% to 45% of all the clicks), we need to identify terms for which your site can quickly rank at the top of the results. But we'll also look farther ahead. As your site gets more established, there may be other, more attractive terms that could get you even more traffic. The site architect will put all this together into a clear keyword strategy for your website, which will get you visitors today, and more visitors in the future, with maximum cost-efficiency. The Blueprint v1.0 © Ben Hunt Limited, 2011 3
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Site Content Structure The next important step we do before we start building your site is to plan carefully your site's structure. This needs to incorporate the insights from our keyword research, and must also provide each visitor with a clear path forward that results in taking some action. Typically, your strategy will look something like this pattern: 1. Your Home page summarises all your offerings and positions your brand. 2. There may be other specific pages promoting and distinguishing your distinct products or services. 3. There should be a sequence of content that helps to reassure all prospects that you and your propositions can be trusted. These might include: “How it works”, FAQs, Testimonials, Guarantee, Privacy Policy etc. 4. We'll define what calls to action will make your offerings compelling, and where those calls to action should be positioned. 5. We will usually also identify additional content that will match commonly searched terms. These pages will attract visitors who do not necessarily know they need what you offer, and will raise their awareness to the point that they may identify your proposed solution as exactly what they need. We have a clear process for defining this content. The site architect will write up the content strategy, which they'll post in our project space for discussion and approval. (We cannot proceed until the content strategy is approved.) Selecting Your Wordpress Theme Wordpress is the most popular web publishing platform – for good reason! It is quick, easy, and very pleasant to use. You'll be editing or adding your own content in no time. Your designer will research high quality commercial Wordpress themes, and will recommend one or more themes we think are ideal for your needs. We will get your approval on the theme before we purchase it and proceed to build your site. Usually, your designer will create around three page visuals, which show the theme customised (as far as it needs to be) with your branding and realistic content. Note that Blueprint is not a custom design service. Custom design is very costly. We deliver you far more value by using high-quality Wordpress themes, which we customise only as much as necessary to make them fit for purpose. When you have approved the content strategy and choice of Wordpress theme, a further payment of 30% becomes due. Payment of this amount signifies your permission for us to proceed with your site build. The Blueprint v1.0 © Ben Hunt Limited, 2011 4
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Installation The site builder will: 1. Set up web hosting (either with your own choice of provider, or hosting we provide). 2. Install Wordpress (a reliable, up to date version). 3. Purchase and install your commercial theme. 4. Install any plug-ins that will be required. 5. Customise the Wordpress theme as necessary. Content Set-up The team will then proceed to implement the agreed content strategy. They will usually need to ask you to provide content or other material to help them craft effective content for each page, which we can edit for maximum effectiveness. We'll give you your own Wordpress log-in, and show you how to edit content, so that you can easily contribute and edit content if required. Depending on your site's goals, we will create “action” pages that enable prospects to buy from you, to download further information, or to get in touch. Final Approval When the site is complete and ready to launch, the team will go through the site with you to check that everything is in place and fit for purpose. When you are fully satisfied that the website is ready to launch, you give your approval. At this point, your third payment of 30% becomes due. This gives us permission to put the website live. Launch Your site builder will then put the site live, making any necessary changes to your domain name set- up (DNS). They will run a final check to ensure the site works, including any contact forms. Completion When you are happy that the website has delivered what we promised, the final 10% becomes payable. This signifies the end of the initial site strategy and build project. This should not be the end of our collaboration. We strongly recommend that you invest in on-going site promotion and link building, to help your site to reach its maximum potential traffic. When your site is live, I'll put together a monthly support package, to ensure you have what you need for your site – and business – to keep growing, such as: Site promotion and link building. Monthly support calls with your designer, who will help you to understand new developments so that you can keep increasing your presence and reach. A regular email newsletter from us packed with marketing tips specifically to help small © Ben Hunt Limited, 2011 The Blueprint v1.0 5
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business owners to market their businesses successfully online. If you have any questions, please email me ([email protected]) and I'll be happy to answer them. The Blueprint v1.0 © Ben Hunt Limited, 2011 6
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