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HP TouchPad Manual / User Guide PDF Download free pdf ebook was written by Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. on June 28, 2011 consist of 214 page(s). The pdf file is provided by www.hpwebos.com and available on pdfpedia since August 17, 2011.

user guide intellectual property notices after you open the drive, double-click the file open source information.pdf. © 201 hewlett-packard development company, l.p. the information contained herein is 1 subject to…...

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HP TouchPad Manual / User Guide PDF Download pdf

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: August 17, 2011
: Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.
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Intellectual property notices © 201 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is 1 subject to change without notice. Adobe, Adobe Acrobat, and the Adobe Acrobat logo are trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated. Amazon and Kindle are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. Bluetooth is a trademark owned by its proprietor and used by Hewlett-Packard Company under license. Facebook is a registered trademark of Facebook, Inc. Google, Gmail, and YouTube are trademarks of Google, Inc. LinkedIn and the LinkedIn logo are registered trademarks of LinkedIn Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. Microsoft, ActiveSync, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Windows, and Windows Vista are trademarks of the Microsoft group of companies. Quickoffice is a registered trademark of Quickoffice, Inc. Skype is a trademark of Skype, Inc. Yahoo! and Yahoo! Mail are registered trademarks of Yahoo! Inc. All other brand and product names are or may be trademarks of their respective owners. All screen images simulated. After you open the drive, double-click the file Open Source Information.pdf. Recycling and disposal This symbol means do not dispose of your product with your other household waste. Instead, you should protect human health and the environment by handing over your waste equipment to designated collection, please contact your household waste disposal service. HP encourages customers to recycle used electronic hardware, HP original print cartridges, and rechargeable batteries. For more information about recycling programs, go to www.hp.com/recycle. v. 1.0 Disclaimer and limitation of liability Hewlett-Packard Company and its suppliers assume no responsibility for any damage or loss resulting from the use of this guide. Hewlett-Packard Company and its suppliers assume no responsibility for any loss or claims by third parties that may arise through the use of this software. Hewlett-Packard Company and its suppliers assume no responsibility for any damage or loss caused by deletion of data as a result of malfunction, dead battery, or repairs. Be sure to make backup copies of all important data on other media to protect against data loss. Patent pending. This product also is licensed under United States patent 6,058,304. Screen images simulated. Internet access within wireless coverage area only. Wi-Fi within range of 802.1 1a/b/g/n Wi-Fi network. Some Wi-Fi hotspots may require fee for usage. Not all web content may be available. Email and related information required for setup and activation. Open Source License information You can view the Open Source License terms on your device. Press Center the Launcher icon. Tap Adobe Reader . Tap Open Source Information.pdf. and then tap You can also view the file on your computer. Connect your device to your computer with the USB cable. On your device, tap USB Drive. On your computer, locate and double-click the removable drive named for your device. To locate the drive, do the following for your operating system: • Windows Vista/Windows 7: Open Computer. • Windows XP: Open My Computer. • Mac: Open Finder. • Linux (Ubuntu): The drive is displayed on the desktop. • Other Linux distribution: The location of the drive may vary by system.
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Contents Chapter 1 Welcome 7 8 9 Your HP TouchPad What’s in the box? Where can I learn more? 31 33 37 38 38 39 41 43 44 Use the menus Enter and save information Close an application or application screen Delete an application Manage applications in Card view Customize the app display in the Launcher and Quick Launch Manage online accounts View and work with notifications Create and work with favorites Chapter 2 Basics 11 13 14 16 17 20 Get to know your device Charge the battery Set up your device Turn your device on/off Use gestures: Tap, swipe, drag, flick, pinch Update the HP webOS operating system Chapter 5 Copy files and sync your personal data 47 48 50 50 51 52 Copy files between your device and your computer Overview: Get your personal data onto your device Transfer data from an existing HP webOS Account Get data from an online account in the cloud Sync your desktop organizer and your device Export data from a desktop organizer on your computer Chapter 3 Just Type 23 23 24 25 25 26 27 27 Just Type overview Look up a contact Find information in an application on your device Search the web Create a new item such as a message, calendar event, or memo Open an application Repeat a recent search Customize Just Type Chapter 6 Email, text, multimedia, and instant messaging 53 64 67 71 Email Messaging: All messages in one application Messaging: Instant messaging Messaging: Text messaging Chapter 4 Work with applications 29 30 Open applications Resize panels/display or hide levels in an app Contents 3
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Chapter 7 Photos, videos, and music 73 77 78 78 Photos & Videos HP Movie Store YouTube Music Chapter 12 HP webOS App Catalog and Software Manager 135 136 137 138 138 139 139 139 140 Browse applications in HP webOS App Catalog Download a free application Buy an application Reinstall a deleted application Set up a billing account Set billing account preferences Update or delete a billing account Manage applications with Software Manager Update a downloaded application from a notification 140 Manually check for application updates Chapter 8 Web 85 89 Web Maps Chapter 9 Contacts, Calendar, and other personal information 93 101 107 108 Contacts Calendar Memos Facebook Tablet Chapter 13 Preferences 143 148 148 151 153 154 155 Backup Date & Time Device Info Exhibition Regional Settings Screen & Lock Sounds & Ringtones Chapter 10 Documents and eBooks 111 Quickoffice 114 Adobe Reader 116 Amazon Kindle Chapter 14 Wireless connections 159 162 163 165 166 168 Wi-Fi Print Manager VPN Location Services Bluetooth ® wireless technology Touch to Share Chapter 11 Phone & Video Calls 119 How can I make and receive calls with my HP TouchPad? 119 Use Skype voice and video calling 124 Use your HP TouchPad with a connected HP webOS smartphone 129 Listen to voicemail messages 129 View your call history 130 Work with favorites 131 Save a phone number to Contacts 131 Use a phone headset 133 Customize Phone & Video Calls settings Chapter 15 Troubleshooting 171 5Ts: Ways to get your HP TouchPad working again 173 HP webOS Account 176 Battery 177 Screen and performance 4 Contents
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178 179 181 181 182 183 186 187 187 190 191 191 192 193 194 Synchronization Email Messaging Wi-Fi Web Calendar and Contacts Photos & Videos, and Music Print Manager HP webOS App Catalog Using your HP TouchPad with an HP webOS smartphone Transferring information to and from your computer Backing up and restoring data System Updates Hands-free devices Making room on your device A B C D E Terms Online accounts available for webOS devices Specifications Important safety and legal information Use Adobe search Contents 5
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6 Contents
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1 Welcome 7 8 9 Your HP TouchPad What’s in the box? Where can I learn more? Seamless interoperability with many HP webOS smartphones, including call management directly from your HP TouchPad. Your HP TouchPad puts HP webOS—a multitasking, gesture-based operating system—inside a thin, beautiful device with a virtual keyboard that you can bring up whenever you need it. Here are a few highlights of your new device. Gestures: On your HP TouchPad, you move around and manage your applications and info by making simple gestures on the touchscreen. For more information, see Use gestures: Tap, swipe, drag, flick, pinch. Carry the Navigation Guide (included in the box with your HP TouchPad) around with you and you’ll soon know the most important gestures by heart. Multitasking: You can have many applications open at once and easily move among them. Go to the Launcher to open apps. See the lineup of your open apps in Card view. Tap an app to bring it into the foreground and work with it. For more information, see Open applications. Just Type: Need to look up Ed’s work number? Just go to Card view, tap Just type, and type ed. If he’s listed in your Contacts, you can get his numbers from the search results. Just Type works just as fast when you need to search the web, find info in an application on your device, start an action such as creating an email message or memo, or update your status on social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter. For more information, see Just Type. The HP Synergy feature: The HP Synergy feature works in the background to gather your information from the various online sources where you keep it and then display that information in a single view on your device. You can access your info quickly without having to remember where you stored it. Chapter 1 : Welcome 7 Your HP TouchPad NOTE When referring to the company that makes your HP TouchPad, this document uses both the terms HP and Palm. HP and Palm are the same company; the use of both terms reflects company terminology. In one compact and indispensable device, you now have all of the following: An advanced wireless device running the HP webOS platform A large 9.7 inch (246.3mm) screen for easy, full-color viewing of photos and videos, web pages, email messages, and more A full suite of organizer applications, including Contacts, Calendar, and Memos Wi-Fi capability A front-facing camera for video calling GPS functionality Applications to view and manage Microsoft Office and Adobe PDF files HP webOS App Catalog, from which you can download applications designed for your device; select from an ever-expanding list of applications
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For example, suppose you have a Google account for personal email, contacts, and calendar events, and an Exchange account for your corporate email, contacts, and events. The Email, Contacts, and Calendar applications on your HP TouchPad all provide a view in which you can see information from both of those accounts in one place—but even though the information is brought into one view, the sources of that information are kept separate. For more information, read about linked contacts, layered calendars, and the single inbox for your email in Contacts, Calendar, and Email. What’s in the box? All of the following items are included in the device box. Hardware NOTE See Online accounts available for webOS devices for the current list of online accounts that you can set up on your device and for information about the behavior of these accounts. Sync: Your HP TouchPad gives you synchronization without a cable. You can sync with online services so that you can store and sync your info in online accounts. For more information, see Get data from an online account in the cloud. Your HP webOS Account: When you set up your device, you create an HP webOS Account by entering a valid email address. Use this account to create and store contacts and calendar events. Your HP webOS Account also gives you access to services like automatic updates and automatic, frequent backups of any of your info that is stored only on your device and isn’t synchronized with an online account (see What information is backed up?). Touch to Share: If you have a web page open on your HP TouchPad or on a webOS smartphone, simply touch the devices to transfer the page from one device to the other. If your smartphone and your HP TouchPad use the same HP webOS Account, you can also touch the two to create a Bluetooth pairing between them. After the devices are paired, not only can you touch to share web pages, but you can also make and receive calls, and send and receive text messages, right on your HP TouchPad (see Touch to Share). HP TouchPad USB cable (charging and data transfer cable) AC charger Screen cleaning cloth Standard lithium-ion battery (installed and nonremovable) DID YOU KNOW ? The USB cable included with your device is used both to charge your device battery (see Charge the battery) and to connect your device to your computer as a removable USB drive (see Copy files between your device and your computer). To simplify charging, you can purchase an HP Touchstone (sold separately). WARNING Please refer to Important safety and legal information for information that helps you safely use your device. Failure to read and follow the important safety information in this guide may result in property damage, serious bodily injury, or death. 8 Chapter 1 : Welcome
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Print material Getting Started guide Navigation Guide Limited Warranty General User Guide: Important Safety and Legal Information To view Help topics for a single application: Open the application, open the application menu, and tap Help. Here is an example from the Web app: Where can I learn more? On-device Help: Read short how-tos and watch animations on your new device. To view all Help: Open Help . Tools available from online support: Visit hpwebos.com/support to access the 200+ page User Guide (this guide) detailing every facet of your device. On the support site you can also edit your HP webOS Account settings and watch how-to animations. TIP If you’re at a computer, we recommend using the User Guide to get information about your device. If you’re working on your HP TouchPad, use the on-device Help. Peer-to-peer support: Visit forums.hpwebos.com to share your experiences and get help and advice from fellow customers. Self-paced learning guides: Visit learning.hpwebos.com to take a free online tutorial about your new device. Available in English only. Chapter 1 : Welcome 9
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10 Chapter 1 : Welcome
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