The Giant eBook of Christmas Ideas

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advent & calendar ideas advent ideas 12 boxes of love last christmas i bought a set of 12 boxes (pre-decorated all in the same pattern) and in each of them i placed ...

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The Giant eBook of Christmas Ideas pdf

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: November 10, 2011
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The Giant eBook of Christmas Ideas - page 1
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The Giant eBook of Christmas Ideas - page 2
Table of Contents Advent & Calendar Ideas. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Gift “Giving” Ideas. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Homemade Gift Ideas. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Long Distance Ideas. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Gifts “Just” for Him. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sexy Holiday Ideas. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Holiday Proposal Ideas. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Tree & Ornament Ideas. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Traditions & Holiday Spirit. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Holiday Romance. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . pg. 3 pg. 6 pg. 8 pg. 16 pg. 19 pg. 21 pg. 23 pg. 28 pg. 30 pg. 32 2
The Giant eBook of Christmas Ideas - page 3
Advent & Calendar Ideas ADVENT IDEAS 12 Boxes of Love Last Christmas I bought a set of 12 boxes (pre-decorated all in the same pattern) and in each of them I placed something of importance. Only two of them contained actual presents. The others contained reminders, movie stub, well as an explanation letter of each novelty. It certainly added a level of creativity to our gift opening. --submitted by Danny loves Jessy 12 Days of Christmas I started a list of things to get my boyfriend for Christmas but it became very long and I wanted to do something really special. I thought of the 12 Days of Christmas song and how on the first day there is 1 gift and on the second day 2 gifts and so on. So I got him one big gift and then got really creative with numbers. For the big numbers for example I got him an 11-dollar gift certificate to blockbuster. Another example, for the "2nd Day" I got him a reversible jacket he wanted and called it "a 2 sided jacket"...and that was my two. After all the gifts and numbers were arranged I wrote down the song with the changes and left that part of the song on each present. He thought it was absolutely amazing and clever. So if you like creative ideas or want to stay away from boring gift giving then think about this - it was so fun! --submitted by Inlove77 12 Days of Christmas Hunt This past Christmas I started giving gifts 11 days prior to the holiday. Each morning I would email him a line of lyrics from romantic songs from one of his favorite R&B artists that described how I felt about him. Then in the evening I would give him a riddle about the gift he would receive that evening. He would have to guess, and then figure out the surprise location of the gift. Each day I did this. On the 12th day I made him a CD of all the songs I gave him lyrics to and gave it to him as the finale Christmas gift, which he loved. He loved how I made Christmas different for him this past year and continues to talk about it. --submitted by 1ovakyn 12 Days of Romantic Gifts For our first Christmas together I wanted to do something special. So starting 12 days before Christmas I decided to get memorabilia that would remind my boyfriend of things we've done together. I got him things that I saved from our walks or things I remembered he said to me. I baked him star cookies and on the back of each one wrote a wish that I made on a star every night about him or us. I made him things, I used my imagination. Attached to each present was a letter explaining what it reminded me of and started off by saying ... “On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me ....” He loved it so much that he looked forward to them everyday. Needless to say he was sad when the 12th day arrived. I think now he has a better understanding of just how much I care. This idea also works for any holiday or special occasion. --submitted by Anonymous 12 Days of Stockings Get 12 mini-stockings. Write 12 letters, each describing a special memory of your relationship. Roll each letter and tie it with a ribbon or string. Place one letter in each stocking. You may want to include other items such as candy or small gifts. Starting on the 12th day before Christmas, hide a stocking a day for your love to find. --Source: Winter Romance Guide 3
The Giant eBook of Christmas Ideas - page 4
25 Days of Christmas Cards I have bought 25 cards, serious and funny, for each day of December leading up to Christmas Day. He will get one card a day. He will be gone one week on vacation during December. On those days I will pack those cards in his suitcase, so he will have something to have while we are apart. I just know he will love it! --submitted by April Advent Box My boyfriend and I met in mid-January, so this year is our first Christmas together. I wanted to do something really special to show him how much I love him. I was thinking about the advent calendar and decided that I would create my own version - an advent box. I bought him a gift to open each day of December including Christmas Eve. I wrapped each item individually, numbered them in accordance to the date he was to open each gift on and put them all into a larger wrapped box with a lid. I had it delivered to his work on December 1st and it was a huge hit!!! The best thing about this idea is that you can spend as little or as much as you want. You just need to use your creativity and imagination. --submitted by Danielle Holiday Countdown Calendar This is a great idea that can be used for any holiday! Buy one of those calendars with a little window you open each day, and there's a chocolate behind the window. Then carefully open the top of the box, and pull out the tray holding the chocolates. In their place you can put folded up love quotes or reasons why you love them. You can even leave the chocolate in there too for an added treat! Give it to your love and tell them they can only open one window each day, following the numbers. It's a lot of fun, and it's cute! --submitted by Kimberly Letter A Day Decide how many days of letters you are going to send and decorate and address that many envelopes. For each day, find a Christmas love poem or song, or write a love letter, etc. Write or type them out on Christmas stationary. (Tip: Make your own stationary using stickers or drawings around the edges!) Stuff one item per envelope and begin sending them one a day to your love. For an extra romantic touch, include a love coupon to be redeemed the day they receive their letter! --Source: Winter Romance Guide 4
The Giant eBook of Christmas Ideas - page 5
CALENDAR IDEAS Our Calendar I made a calendar for my boyfriend for Christmas. It was composed entirely of pictures of us. I work at a copy place, so I just took a bunch of pictures and enlarged them on a color copier--it only costs 89 cents a copy!! However, I only had 11 pictures, so for February (our anniversary month), I put together a collage of cards and such. I copied the months from a calendar and laminated them all together. The finishing touch was that I bound them, so it looked like a professional job. I knew he loved it because he hung it in his room right away. --submitted by Danielle Marie 365 Days of Love Calendar This Christmas I came up with a great idea for my boyfriend of 4 months. Money has been tight on my end and I wanted to give him something he would always remember. I made him a calendar called 365 days of love. I came up with the 365 reasons why I loved him, things I love about him or us, or things I loved that had special meaning to the two of us. Then I made up a calendar that is similar to those tear off desk calendars you can buy at most stores. On each day there was one of my "I love" statements. I also added special days for the two of us. To seal all the pages together I carefully lined them up and then used hot glue on the top. At first I was not sure how this would go over but it was a hit. As he read through some of the things I wrote he said he had even forgotten about some of them. It is a great idea as long as you have the time to put it all together. --submitted by Anonymous Calendar Of Love Pick out 12 photos or draw 12 images (one for each month of the year). Then take them to Kinko's, or another similar place, and have them create a calendar for you. Once you get the calendar, buy a few packs of romance related stickers. On important dates, such as your anniversary, birthdays, holidays, etc. place stickers and write in what the occasion is. For a more personal touch, signify with small stickers, days of important sentimental value, such as your first kiss, when you met, etc. Then for fun, create a few days to be designated "your holiday." For example, Romantic Movie Marathon Day, 101 Kisses Day, International Love Day (say I love you only in different languages that day), etc. You may also want to make two calendars so you can keep one too! --Source: Winter Romance Guide 5
The Giant eBook of Christmas Ideas - page 6
Gift “Giving” Ideas Christmas Gift Hunt For my wife, last year, I bought her a pair of diamond earrings, but I made her work for them. In her last present, was a CD, containing background music of Mission Impossible. I did a voice-over during the music and told her that her mission was to find her gift… I then hid clues, like a map from one clue to the next, throughout the house. One of them was a webpage she had to visit, which had a video on it, showing her the next place to look. It finally went to a DVD I created which had a video of me on it, dressed like Men In Black, showing her the final clue (which was to look in my pocket). She did and found her earrings. She loved the adventure. --submitted by Anonymous Gift to Remember Last Christmas, my fiancée and I were both really low on cash and had already decided what we would give each other. So, on Christmas morning, after we opened our gifts, he handed me this beautifully wrapped box about three feet tall. In it was a smaller box which had an even smaller box inside it. Finally, there was a little jewelry box with a note inside. The note had a short rhyme on it about something either he or I liked, but never said what it was. I had to guess, and then find where that item would be in the house. There, I found another rhyme note. The notes took me all over the house, to the fireplace, to the patio, the TV, the fridge, etc. Finally, in the fridge, on a case of beer, was a small gift bag. When I opened it, there was a gorgeous sapphire ring inside. It turned out that his grandparents had given him some money for Christmas and he wanted to do something special for me. It sure was, I'll never forget that Christmas! --submitted by Eleni I'll Drink to That!! For Christmas this year, my boyfriend was very secretive about what he was giving me, but he was also VERY excited. He showed it to all of our friends and they gushed about how sweet and wonderful a gift it was. On Christmas Eve, we exchanged gifts and he handed me a large, heavy box. I opened it and found it stuffed with packing peanuts. I started digging around and came across a Budweiser stein. I was very confused until he told me to keep digging. I dug further and found another beer stein with a tiny jewelry box inside of it. Inside was a gorgeous emerald and diamond ring. He'd put the beer steins in to weigh the box down so I wouldn't know I was getting jewelry!!! I love surprises! What a sweetheart! --submitted by Princess In His Kiss For my honey's Christmas present, I had bought him things that I knew he wanted, and a few small little things, which were little inside jokes between the two of us. I wrapped them each individually and put them all in a tin box. I couldn't just have them floating around in the box like that, and Styrofoam packaging peanuts were just not going to cut it. So instead, I used chocolate kisses. And not just any chocolate kisses… for each kiss, I typed out one of the many reasons I love him and replaced the flags with these little pieces of paper. He hadn't even noticed the flags I had placed in it until I told him to open one. When he saw what I did, he immediately took me in his arms. He loved it, more than the gift I think :) --submitted by Lexie 6
The Giant eBook of Christmas Ideas - page 7
Most Delightful of Truffles This is one of the most memorable gifts I ever received: when I was in high school, our class took a trip to Boston. I found and tasted a Viennese truffle. TRUE heaven! The little chocolate shop I bought it in shut down and for years, I was still hunting for the elusive truffle. Years later, on Christmas, (my very cheap) boyfriend gave me a box of Godiva chocolate truffles. He said he looked everywhere but couldn't find the Viennese truffle either. Nice gesture, but I couldn't believe after all the times I had picked up the check, movies, etc., he was only giving me a box of chocolates. Then he asked me to open them. When I resisted and said they would ruin my appetite, he insisted, saying he would like to try one, the nerve! Imagine my surprise when the center of the truffle he picked out, had a beautiful gold/sapphire ring inside. I cried! --submitted by Sam Packing Tape Fun Last year, one of my Christmas gifts was wrapped in packing tape and tissue paper. He wrapped it in paper, taped the paper, added more paper, added more tape, etc. He wrapped up 3 gifts like this. It was irritating at the time because of all the tape (he got a lot of enjoyment out of it), but reaching the end was so great! Two of the gifts were lip gloss and the bigger one was a container of body butter. The reason he picked out these gifts for me was because of the nature of my job. I work with a lot of cleaning chemicals and I wash my hands so much that the skin is always dry. He had remembered this from when I told him weeks before. I loved it! It also gave us something to laugh at for months to come! --submitted by Rachelle Trail of Post-It Notes If you and your love live close, then do this: Make out as many post-it notes as you want, and lead your love on a path to find whatever you want them to find. I use this usually on birthdays or Christmas. You can also do this when you want to do something romantic. --submitted by Cassie Gray 7
The Giant eBook of Christmas Ideas - page 8
Homemade Gift Ideas A Quilted Year William and I have been together for almost a year. In that time we have had many pictures taken of us together and us apart. I want to do something special for him that he can hold when he gets lonely or sick, so I am making a quilt that has pictures of us on it. I am also going to put some of the things that we have done on it like going to the coast and Christmas etc. I am so happy that it has been this long and I know that he is the one for me, so maybe in a few years we will be sharing the same quilt. --submitted by Stephanie Boxed Date Last Christmas my boyfriend already knew what I was getting him, so I wanted to make him a surprise gift too. I didn't have a whole lot of money, so I got a fairly large box and decorated it. Then I filled it with all the things we would need for a date: A good movie, some popcorn, pasta and sauce for dinner, love coupons, etc. You can make it for any sort of date, and it makes it easy for your love to surprise you right back with a spur of the moment date. I gave it to him and he said it was one of the best presents he ever got. --submitted by Kitty Christmas I Love You About a week before Christmas, my boyfriend of a few months said I love you. To be honest, his way of saying it wasn't too special. I knew that when I said it, I wanted him to remember it forever. So, I bought a teddy bear, a little shirt to fit it, and some iron on letters. I ironed the words “I Love U” onto the shirt and wrapped the bear in a box. When he opened his gift for Christmas, he looked at it, looked at me and I told him I loved him too. He was so surprised and happy that it brought tears to his eyes. --submitted by Anonymous Christmas Stocking to Remember Last year I found out that my boyfriend had never had a Christmas stocking. So, I went to Michael’s and bought a pattern for a stocking and created a snowman design and sewed it all by hand. I also bought candy and a massage for him to get since he had been stressed out the few weeks before Christmas. When he came over and saw a stocking with his name on it over the fireplace he nearly cried. He said it was the nicest thing that anyone had ever done for him. --submitted by Emily Christmas Tree Love Thoughts Garland For our first Christmas as husband and wife, we didn't have very much money to spend on each other. We decided on a small amount we could spend on store bought gifts and then anything else we would have to make. Our Christmas tree was small and we only had a few decorations on it. I took colored paper and cut out ornament shapes. On each ornament I wrote things I loved and enjoyed and appreciated about my husband and then I strung them all together and hung them on our little tree for him to find on Christmas morning (I had over 100). He loved it and said it was the best gift that even money couldn't buy ~ the love in my heart. --submitted by Susan 8
The Giant eBook of Christmas Ideas - page 9
Cuddle Blanket For Christmas one year, I got the idea to make my boyfriend a blanket that we could cuddle up in together. I got the softest yarn and crocheted the most comfy blanket ever. When he opened it, he didn't realize that I didn't buy it. He couldn't believe that I had spent so much time on something like that. --submitted by Megan Engraved Key to my Heart On Christmas Day, I wanted to do something extra special for the love of my life. I went to Zellers and bought a key, just a plain key, with no cuts in it. I then took it to an engraving store, and got them to engrave on it, "KEY TO MY HEART." I wrapped up the key, along with a letter just telling him how much I love him. It also told him to hold this key forever, ‘cause no matter where I am, part of me will always be with him, forever! --submitted by Natasha Fairy Tale Story My boyfriend and I are always telling each other stories, just to pass the time. This year for Christmas I decided to write out the story of how we met in a fairy-tale format, complete with cute pictures of the Kim Anderson children to illustrate it. All my girlfriends loved the idea, and hopefully he likes it as much, too! --submitted by Anonymous Fortune Cookies For Christmas this year I got my boyfriend many things, but I also wanted to make him something. So I ended up making him fortune cookies, I got a recipe and made romantic fortunes to put inside the cookies. Some fortunes were sayings of love and some were lyrics from our song. When the cookies were all done I put them in a purple box shaped just like a Chinese take-out box, which I found at Wal-Mart. I decorated the box with heart stickers and little tag that told how much I loved him. He loved it because it combined food, a handmade gift, our song, and mini-love letters. He kept all of it, except the cookies, he ate them all and loved them. --submitted by Becca Gifts of Love I'm saving up for college next semester, and I don't have much money for gifts this Christmas. My boyfriend understands this, and we made an agreement on only spending five dollars on each other. This is a great idea because it leaves more to creativity, thought, and love. This Christmas he's coming back from college, and I plan on wrapping 10 small boxes individually. Inside each box, I'm going to include a cutout heart with a reason why I love him on it inside. My boyfriend likes to shake the boxes to see what's inside. So, I'm going to put a box in another box, fill it up with different things, and in the smaller box, fill it with cutout hearts, and a pillow with his school colors and mascot. I'm going to spray my perfume on it, so when he's away, he'll always have a piece of me with him. The little boxes are going to go inside the box too. I can't wait to see him this Christmas, and I want him to know how much he means to me. --submitted by Desirae Guys, Do the Unexpected! Okay guys, first of all, you need to learn to sew! I went to a craft store and bought a pattern for a "Couch Cozy." It’s a warm garment that looks like a long sleeping bag with sleeves, foot holes, and a zipper. I went to a craft store and bought the pattern, polar fleece material, thread and pins - total cost so far: $28.00. My girlfriend is away right now, but will be home in 2 weeks. It will be our first Christmas together. We already agreed not to go overboard on gifts... this year. I cut out the material from the pattern and am sewing it together. I'll be done by the time she gets home. 9
The Giant eBook of Christmas Ideas - page 10
I will wrap it and give it to her as a gift. As an added touch, I bought a sew-in tag that says: "Made With Love By ______________ (where you write your name).” It didn't cost a lot and I know she will love it! Trust me, learn to sew! This is one gift she will never expect!! --submitted by Ryan Holiday Message in a Bottle My boyfriend is a big sweetheart and I love making him things. They don’t cost much (if any money spent) but mean a lot to him when he opens them. Well, for Christmas last year I decided to write him a letter telling him exactly how I felt about him. I wrote my letter on a blank piece of white computer paper (hand written of course). When I was done, I crumpled it up, then opened it flat, and repeated that several times until it had that "old fashioned" look to it. Then I found an empty champagne bottle with a cork top. I rolled up my letter small enough to fit through the bottle opening and tied a piece of string into a bow around the letter. I then took a longer string, connected it to the bow and also connected it through the cork. (To tie it through the cork, dig a hole just wide enough for the string to fit. I used a paper clip end to make the hole.). When he opened it on Christmas, he pulled on the cork, and since the string was connected to the letter, that was pulled out along with it. He loved it and thought it was so sweet that I'd made him something he can open up and read when he needs to. He keeps it next to his bed now along with other presents I've given him. It’s just a cute little way to show him you care. --submitted by Angie Homemade Teddy Bear Exchange My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost four years; three of them have been long distance, because I am away at school. Because of this I am also always broke. So, as part of his Christmas gift I found a kit at Wal-Mart to make your own teddy bear. I hand-made him a teddy bear and made a little velvet vest for him and sewed a little heart to his bum. He thought it was really cute! Then for Valentine’s Day he decided to make me a matching one. It was adorable and so incredibly sweet! The funny part is that his is way better than mine! --submitted by Dana I Give You My Heart I took this idea and added a little bit to it, given that I never wanted to get hurt again. My new boyfriend had been talking to me off and on where I worked and he changed everything in my life. My heart felt safe from the very first night we sat and talked for hours on the phone. I cut out 2 heart shapes out of red felt and made a small little pillow out of it. I added white lace with red hearts around it. I also added a heart shaped Christmas ornament with an angel on it to the front center of the pillow. I wrapped it up and gave it to him with a card saying: "This is to represent my heart. It is, as the ornament is, very fragile. Life before you always ended up with my heart hurting. You are a very special person to me. With this thought in mind; I give you my heart. It is in your hands, so please take care of it and realize you are the only keeper of it. It is yours if you want it.” I wrapped it up in unicorn paper (he loves unicorns) and gave it to him. He tells me all the time he enjoys having my two hearts. He hasn't let go of it since. I am so happy for that. He is my world and I am his. In time, I expect us to be a family. I feel he is my one true love. I finally found it!!! It took only me 41 years to find this wonderful man. --submitted by casper_1740 10
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