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the bride's book may|june 2005 4 dear bride… welcome to your book. when lenore ball, your publisher, first conceived of the bride's book, she wanted to create a ...

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bride ' s bride pdf

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the b bride s ook RALEIGH | DURHAM | CHAPEL HILL (iDo.) vows among the bridesmaids: fi tting in and standing out butterflies spectacular send-offs M AY & J U N E 2 0 0 5 | 8 wedding words to inspire | FREE THEBRIDESBOOK.COM
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Dazzle Them! A confidence that lights up the room… The 30-day Bridal Fitness Program from Millennium Sports Club. Satisfaction guaranteed. Includes: · 30 day membership to all Millennium Sports Clubs · 8 personal training sessions · 10 tanning sessions · Nutritional consultation · Exercise program designed for you · Chiropractic screening · Guaranteed results How will your family and friends remember you at your wedding? Call 919.401.2959 to schedule your free consultation.
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T HUDSON M ANOR The A Grand Southern Estate he Hudson Manor is a Grand Southern Estate, situated on more than eight beautiful acres of gently rolling lawns and colorful gardens. Come experience the timeless beauty of our professionally landscaped grounds and enjoy the shade of 100-year-old oaks. 908 Moulton Road Louisburg, NC 27549 (919) 497-0101 [email protected]
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the bride’s book dear bride… Welcome to your book. When Lenore Ball, your publisher, first conceived of The Bride’s Book, she wanted to create a magazine that was a true resource, not just fluff stuffed in around the ads. So she brought in Laura Zavelson, your editor, and Gwendolen Gray, your designer, to make sure it was full of useful information presented in a way to spark your imagination. We think that weddings should reflect the personality of the bride and groom. If you want to get married underwater, on horseback, or in a church – we’re all for it. If you want your reception in a garden, at a formal hotel, or in a tree–fort – we’re for that too. We’re all about what you want, not what the wedding industry thinks you need. We’ll do our best each issue to tell you about wedding trends – the dresses, the centerpieces, the favors. And we’ll scour shops and markets to find new and fun products that might interest you. We’ll brainstorm ideas that will help personalize your day. And we’ll talk to professionals to find out the very best way to make your day as special as you want it to be. But we’re also here to tell you that you don’t need to hand stencil wildflowers on 300 place cards to have a beautiful, memorable wedding. What we think you need is love, friends and family, and a place where you feel comfortable starting your future together. Because a wedding is truly only the beginning of a relationship that will last the rest of your life. We’re interested in your comments and questions and hope we can be a useful guide during this exciting time. 4 We wish you a happy engagement, a beautiful wedding, and a lifetime of love, Lenore, Laura & Gwendolen may|june 2005
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the bride’s book in this issue… details............. 7–9 Make a wish, registering alternatives, online toasts, keep your lipstick kissable, the iPod wedding. This month’s cover photo was provided by For $19.95 they will iPodify any photo. What a great way to remember your wedding. profile ...... 29–31 Let the butterflies loose at the Museum of Life & Science. connections ...42 Saving your friendships while saving your sanity. threads .... 11–21 No two maids alike: dress- ing your bridesmaids. Off–white: the trend toward color in wedding dresses. staff & contributors PUBLISHER lenore ball E D I TO R – I N – C H I E F laura zavelson A RT D I R E C TO R gwendolen gray S T Y L E E D I TO R style........... 34–35 Keeping your tables centered. jacqueline sheslow B U S I N E S S C O N S U LTA N T will ball CONTRIBUTING P H OTO G R A P H E R S stacy borelli, kristen olesen about this magazine at a glance ..................... 22–23 8 simple ideas for a stun- ning send–off. The Bride’s Book is published and distributed every two months by Dove Press, LLC. For advertising information or to direct questions or comments about the magazine, please contact Lenore Ball at [email protected] 103 Portsmith Place Chapel Hill, NC 27516. © 2005 The Bride’s Book. All rights reserved. No portion of this magazine may be reproduced in whole or part without written consent from the publisher Thanks to Will, Sarah, Emily, Wil- liam and Elizabeth. Printed By Prestige Printers, 9417–b Kempwood Dr., Houston, TX 77080. Ph. 713–895–9727; [email protected] Website created by words ....... 24–27 Toasts you can be proud of. Invitations that stand out from the crowd. profile ...... 38–40 The pastoral beauty of the Fearrington House. 5 may|june 2005
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the bride’s book guest book | toasts | registering | lipstick | numbers | iPods They say it’s all in the details. Here are a few ideas to get you started. details make a wish, take a wish, give a wish Instead of having your guests sign a guest book, leave out colored squares of paper and have them write their wishes for you and put them in a decorative jar. You can even leave paper and pen at each table setting. Be sure to include instructions at each table or at the gift table and have your attendants direct people as they would with a guest book. After the wedding and on each anniversary you can unfold their wishes and remember all the wonderful people who joined in your celebration. You can extend the idea to complement your wedding favors by filling a second jar with wishes for your guests. You might print your wish on one side and your new address information (if any) on the other. You can use a favorite quote or poem, a line from your wedding song, or just a heartfelt message like “Thank you for sharing our special day,” or “May you have as much love in your life as we have in ours today.” CYBER–TOASTS Planning to wing your toast to the groom? Worried what the best man will say? Concerned your in–laws will ramble on and on? Forward everybody a list of links to toast sites. We found the internet was a great resource for toasts, poems and quotations about love and marriage. Best of all, it’s free. Two sites we found were and but there are many more. Google “wedding toasts” ,“wedding speeches” ,“love poems” or “famous quotations” and you’ll be on your way. In addition to the free stuff, there’s a number of sites out there that will create a custom toast for you. The cost is between $14 and $39 depending on the level of pesonalization. You provide the adjectives about the subject of the toast and they provide some (hopefully) well–written script. We think anyone’s best shot is doing some research, thinking about how they really feel, weaving in a few well chosen quotations or poems–if they help you express it more eloquently – and then speaking from the heart. We also counsel everyone to plan speeches in advance and write down either the entire thing or some notes. Champagne, anticipation and an audience can make even the most brilliant minds go blank. 7 may|june 2005
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the bride’s book beyond china details 8 If a five–piece place setting and matching lasagna pan aren’t your idea of the perfect wedding gift, here are some places you can register for the goods you really want. Do–it–yourselfers can register for home improvement supplies and power tools at Make sure someone tells your guests that they can only access the registry through the internet and not at individual stores. If your idea of the perfect honeymoon includes scaling up the side of Grandfather Mountain or dropping a kayak in the Nantahala river, you should definitely register at Make sure you include that cozy sleeping bag for two on your list. Maybe you both already have established households – consider requesting that guests make a charitable donation in your honor instead of purchasing a gift. If it’s cool cash you really need – perhaps you’re saving for a house or paying for graduate school – you can let it subtly let it be known that money is what you want. Of course, it’s never appropriate to print it on the invitations, but you can let your attendants and immediate families know and leave it to them to spread the word. Regardless, there are some people that consider cash to be an inappropriate gift so you may want to consider registering for a few things at just one place to make their lives a little easier. Finally, a note from those who have done it before – while cash or practical gifts might seem sensible now, your sentimental side might appreciate one or two beautiful things that will always remind you of your special day. you may now… You don’t want to air–kiss everyone at your shower and wedding, but you don’t want to spend all your time wiping lipstick marks off their faces either. But what if your very favorite shade doesn’t come in a smudge–proof brand? Try Sephora’s lipstick sealant over your color and kiss away. As a bonus it keeps lips moist and prevents cracking for a picture perfect smile all night long. $15 at Sephora stores and online at may|june 2005
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the bride’s book by the numbers… Wedding bells ring for an average of 2.4 million couples per year. The wedding industry’s cash registers ring up approximately $80B per year. Las Vegas, NV is the number 2 wedding city in the world. Number 1 is Istanbul Turkey. The average number of guests invited to a wedding is 178 . The average engagement is 16 months. June is the most popular month for weddings. An average American wedding costs $22,000 . 64% of couples live together before getting married. 12 is the average size of a wedding party. details the iWedding 1 2 3 4 O N THE COV ER We’re not about to dis live music or a DJ, but what if you want specific music playing at the reception during dinner or prior to your first dance? You may be able to shave an hour off your band bill by building a play list into your iPod and hooking it up to an available sound system. A few thoughts: Put someone else in charge of bringing your iPod to the reception, hooking it into the sound system and making sure it gets home. You want to take it on your honeymoon don’t you? Call ahead to see what kind of sound system might be available before your DJ or band arrives. If nothing, have your designated iPod person bring a high quality boombox or speakers. There are a number of small set–ups with great sound manufactured specifically for the iPod. You can check them out at Apple stores or at Put some careful thought into your play list. Music is a powerful mood–setter. Do you want people to be revved up when they arrive or spellbound by romance? Make sure the songs flow together and you don’t have a Sinatra classic followed by Green Day. If you have a friend that has a gift for great play lists, give them a list of your favorite songs and see if they’ll do a custom one for you as a wedding gift. If you think you’d like to plan the play list and use the iPod for your whole wedding, it’s probably doable. But definitely designate a friend to be the master of ceremonies. You need someone to stand up with a microphone and announce your arrival, the first dance, speeches, cake cutting and the like. And you’ll want to give them an approximate schedule of when each of these should happen. Rock on. 9 may|june 2005
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