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may 2008 volume 32 no. 5 may the garden oaks gazette recycling: use it or recycling bin with the appropriate materials in it at your curbside..recycled plastic and 75% virgin material recycle the appropriate materials. the following is...

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The Garden Oaks - page 1
M a y Volume 32 No. 5 2 0 0 8 G azette Recycling: Use It or Lose It Dian Austin As some of you may have seen on the Garden Oaks ListServ or in the Houston Chronicle on Saturday, April 26th, numerous neighborhoods are at risk of losing their city-provided curb- side recycling services for lack of par- ticipation. Garden Oaks is one of those areas. The Chronicle reported that only 9% of Garden Oaks 1400+ homes are recycling, and that is not good enough to keep the curbside service. We need your help to continue with our curbside recycling!!! What you can do: If you don’t recycle now, please start. It’s at simple as calling 311 and re- questing a Green Recycling Bin, if you don’t already have one. If you need a second one, call 311 and re- quest it. The city will provide them free and will deliver them to your homes. Each bin holds 18 gallons of recycling material and is itself made out of 25% recycled plastic and 75% virgin material Recycle the appropriate materials. The following is taken verbatim from the City of Houston’s website on Curbside Recycling: The Curbside Recycling Program ac- cepts newspaper, magazines, color ad inserts, office paper, unwanted mail and telephone books; tin, alumi- num and empty aerosol cans; and plastic bottles and jugs with a narrow neck and broad base (marked with a The Garden Oaks May In This Issue… Recycling: Use It or Lose It Letter From the Editor Heard Under the Oak Tree Garden Oaks Civic Club Minutes GO Kids News Citizens Patrol Program Constable Program 2008 Home Tour Underwriters. 2008 Home Tour Donors/ Supporters GO Civic Club Membership Form Advertising & Article Submission Critter Corner 2008 Constable Supporters Calendar 1 2 2 3 4 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 #1 or #2 recycling symbol). Corrugated cardboard must be bro- ken down into 3x3 footsquares. Used motor oil, if placed in its original con- tainer or an empty 1-gallon milk or water jug will also be accepted. If you find the above too complicated, just try recycling your newspapers and empty plastic bottles of water. That’s a great start!! Place your Green Recycling Bin with the appropriate materials in it at your curbside by 7am on your scheduled pick-up day. On windy days, secure recycling materials by placing full sacks of paper on top of bin. The city picks up curbside recycling every 2 weeks. The schedules for the next recycling pick-ups are on these dates: April 29, May 13, 28, June 10, 24 and then every 2 weeks following. Friendly Reminder Deadline for Submission is the 15th of Every Month. No exceptions. No submissions will be accepted after this date. This allows us to proofread, edit, and the printing to be done in a timely manner for delivery to all Gar- den Oaks Residents. If you have any questions, email Dian at [email protected] We need your help NOW! Let’s get all those green bins out for pickup soon! Next Civic Club Meeting Tuesday, May 6th The next Civic Club meeting will be on Tuesday, May 6th at 7 p.m. in the cafeteria of GO Elementary, 901 Sue Barnett @ Garden Oaks Blvd. Babysit- ting services are available at a cost of $1.00 per child. Hope to see you there!
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The Garden Oaks - page 2
Civic Club Officers President 223 W. 31st Letter from the Editor Sue Schmidt Once again the 2008 Garden Oaks Home Tour, Beyond the Garden Gate, proved to be a great success. Starting with the Pre- view Party to the final Volunteer Party, the Home Tour weekend was a great tribute to the place we call home. Garden Oaks really did roll out the welcome mat and put its best foot forward! A huge thanks to Sheila Briones, 2008 Home Tour Chair and all of the members of the Home Tour Executive Committee. It really does take a village to pull off such an event. A year of effort by volunteers in our community culminates in a spectacu- lar weekend of neighborhood celebra- tions. Hats off to all the many volunteers that make the event seem effortless. Thanks also to the many sponsors and donors who contribute generously to our neighborhood. Please keep all of our underwriters (listed on page 6) and sup- porters/donors (listed on page 7) in mind whenever you are in need of assistance. These business professionals support our neighborhood not only during Home Tour, but throughout the year whenever called upon. We thank each and everyone of you for your support. The home and garden owners also de- serve a big thank you. Hosting over 600 visitors through your home is a daunting experience for any homeowner. Making sure everything is “picture perfect” can be the ultimate stress test. The gracious way each of you welcomed Garden Oaks and friends to your doorstep was nothing less than stellar! I hope all of our residents had the oppor- tunity to visit the wonderful selection of homes and gardens that were showcased this year. Just enjoying the neighborhood on a beautiful weekend was a treat. The beautiful parks scattered throughout our neighborhood definitely showed the hard work of the Beautification Committee chaired by Ed and Brenda de Alba. All of the workdays paid off when the buses filled with visitors passed our fabulous parks. Thanks to all of those that volun- teer their time to maintain our green spaces. I know I have always looked forward to the Home Tour, even before we were resi- dents. The enthusiasm we share for our community really comes to life during this special event. It is nice to know the funds raised at this time help support the pro- grams and projects that make Garden Oaks a special place to call home. Heard Under the OakTree Terry Jeanes Welcome new neighbors who re- cently joined the neighborhood. 1063 West 43 rd 227 West 31 st 516 West 31 st 1058 Althea James Flowers 713-205-1493 Vice President Ivan Mayers 802 Lamonte 713-202-7113 Treasurer Jerry Butler 713.822.3175 871 W 41st [email protected] Secretary Cindy Bartos 713.694.6697 831 Azalea [email protected] Congratulations on joining us. We hope to see you at a civic club meeting soon. A special welcome to new arrival Joshua William Stark arrived to wel- come arms of parents Rich and Re- becca Stark March 13 born at 6:37 a.m. Congratulations to the Stark household. Congratulations May Birthdays 5/8 Linda Sparks 5/22 Riley Tatum 5/22 Daniel Ostrum Happy Belated April 11 th Linden D’Amico April 22 nd Orvil Sims . Celebrations Congratulations Mary and Rick Hecksel who participated in the MS 150 and rode the entire trip from Houston to Austin. Happy Travels Sheila Briones just returned from a trip to Austria. To highlight an event, celebration, or other tidbit, contact Terry Jeanes at 713 -812-9154 or [email protected] Standing Committee Chairs Beautification Brenda de Alba 713.694.5934 744 W. 43rd [email protected] Citizens on Patrol Carl Waters, Jr. 713.864.1992 821 W. 31 st [email protected] Joe Muscara 713.691.6833 750 Sue Barnett [email protected] Co- chair Josh Hamilton 713.695.7347 858 Azalea Membership Dian Austin 713.691.6505 733 W. 42 nd [email protected] Constable Program Terry Jeanes 713.812.9154 922 W. 41 st [email protected] Home Tour Sheila Briones 713.861.8091 412 W. 34 th [email protected] Gazette Contacts Editor & Advertising Director Sue Schmidt 832-563-3402 [email protected] Assistant Editor Jonathan Lanz 713.979.4500 [email protected] Delivery Jonathan Lanz 713.979.4500 [email protected] Ad Hoc Committee Carter's Grove Apts. Gil Evans 713.861.2708 710 W. 32nd [email protected] 2
The Garden Oaks - page 3
Garden Oaks Civic Club Minutes Cindy Bartos, Secretary April 1, 2008 Welcome: President James Flowers called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. A motion was made to accept the March minutes as they appeared in the Gazette. Cindy Bartos, secretary, made a correction to the minutes noting that the minutes of the last meeting were recorded and submitted to the Gazette by Tina Nieto. The minutes were accepted and ap- proved as amended. Treasurer’s Report: Jerry Butler presented the current in- come and expense report and had de- tailed copies available at the meeting. Standing Committee Reports: Home Tour: President James Flowers read a report by chair- woman Sheila Briones in her ab- sence. Sheila encouraged Garden Oaks residents to volunteer for and attend the Home Tour on April 20th. Preview Party tickets are still available on-line. Beautification: Ed DeAlba re- ported on the work day in Gazebo Park and announced the next work day on the Garden Oaks Blvd. es- planade. Constable Program: Terry Jeanes announced that the list of Constable Program participants in the recent Gazette was not current and a current one will appear in the next Gazette. Deputy C.J. Man- gano reported stopping a suspi- cious vehicle in the neighborhood and interrupting amorous behavior in one of the parks. He encour- aged residents to add more lighting to the exterior of their homes and to keep landscaping trimmed and away from windows. Ed DeAlba added that the additional 3 rd patrol- ler (provided by GOMO funds) will begin at the end of April. Gazette: No report. Website: No report Garden Oaks Citizen’s Patrol: Carl Waters corrected last month’s crime report to be 3, rather than the 5 he reported. 6 crimes were re- ported for the month of February, making the total for the year at 9 (about a 50% drop from the same time last year). He described the qualifications for Citizen’s Patrol and encouraged more residents to join. If interested, call Carl. Membership: No report Garden Club: Tina Nieto announced the time and location for the next meeting. Garden Oaks Elementary and SPARK Park: Principal Emily Tho- mas expressed the school’s excite- ment over being part of the Home Tour and announced a work day for April 12 th . Garden Oaks Maintenance Organi- zation (GOMO): Ed DeAlba an- nounced there would be a meeting to review plans immediately following the Civic Club meeting. Old Business: none New Business: none Meeting adjourned: 7:21 Attendance: 20 Yard of the Month 867 West 41 st The Rodriquez Household Reference Numbers Emergency Services 911 HPD Non Emergency Ser- vices 713-884-3131 All other City Services 311 Constable Dispatch 713-755-7628 3
The Garden Oaks - page 4
GO Kids News GOMO Board of Directors Section 1: Graham Gips (2010) Home: 713.824.9204 408 W. 31st Street [email protected] Kathy Horner (2009) Cell: 713.385.2050 527 W.33rd Street [email protected] Sean Jez (2008) Cell: 713.305.4481 825 W. 31st Street [email protected] Section 2: Ed de Alba (2010) President Cell: 713.628.7008 744 W. 43 rd Street [email protected] Lori Kennedy (2009) Home: 713.691.6833 750 Sue Barnettt Drive [email protected] Jason Mercer (2008) Work: 281.433.3150 726 W. 41st Street [email protected] Section 3: Mike Dishberger (2008) Home: 713.695.7916 862 W. 42 nd Street [email protected] Citizens Patrol Program Carl Waters Jr. Things are starting off well in terms of reported crime this year. The January report from HPD indicated there were three crimes for the neighborhood; in January of 2007 we had nine crimes reported. Things to remember to help avoid becoming a crime victim: Lock the doors of both your home and your vehicles. Never leave items of value visible in your car or home. You’d be surprised how little it takes to encourage a bur- glar. Be aware of your surroundings when out in public. Criminals prey on people not paying attention. Crime Statistics (3) Burglary (1) 700 block of W. 43rd St. on Wednes- day, January 16th at 2:00 p.m. (residence). Burglary of a Motor Vehicle (1) 3200 block of N. Shepherd Dr. Satur- day, January 19th at 5:00 p.m. (parking lot). Narcotics (1) 200 block of W. 33rd St. on Friday, January 11th at 9:40 p.m. (street). Inquiries regarding joining the Citizens Patrol Program or about other commu- nity safety issues can be directed to me via neighborhood website Garde- or to the COP email account at [email protected] or by phone at 713-864-1992. Tonya Knauth Moms' Night Out for May will be Thursday, May 1, at 7 pm, at Collina's on 19th St. BYOB! The April/May Family Potluck will be held at Spark Park, on May 3 from 4 - 7 pm. Please bring a dish -- drinks will be provided. Our neighborhood seems to abound with joyful new additions frequently these days! We know how over- whelming a new baby can be to a family, so we provide several meals for the family during those stressful first weeks. If you are expecting or know a neighbor who is, please let us know! We are currently taking information to post on our discussion group for babysitting services. We are looking for folks who live in GO who would be wiling to have their contact informa- tion available for our neighborhood families. If you are interested, please send your name, address, phone and references if available to [email protected] She will compile the list and have it posted on the GO Kids discussion group for use. Please join us for our standing play- groups on Wednesday and Fridays at 10:00 a.m. at Graham Park (34th and Lawrence) in Section 1. If you¹re in- terested in having a playgroup at a different time, please let us know! GO Kids was started by a group of parents who want to build a family- friendly neighborhood where children and parents know each other and grow together -- all Garden Oaks families are welcome! Aren't on the GO Kids list serve? Want more infor- mation about GO Kids? Contact Tonya Knauth at (713) 628-8243, or [email protected] Lynn Sievers (2008) Home: 713.691.4789 851 Lamonte Lane [email protected] Richard Stark (2008) Home: 713.691.1067 1335 Sue Barnett Drive [email protected] Section 5: Malcolm Taylor (2008) Home: 713.956.8872 1030 W. 41 st Street [email protected] Tim Weltin (2008) Home: 713.540.5315 1567 Sue Barnett Drive [email protected] John Ciccarelli (2009) Home: 713.688.8285 4310 Apollo Street [email protected] Reference Numbers Emergency Services 911 HPD Non Emergency Services 713-884-3131 All other City Services 311 Constable Dispatch 713-755-7628 Terms expire at end of October of the Year in parenthesis. 4
The Garden Oaks - page 5
Constable Program Terry Jeanes & Susan Love – Saranie GREAT NEWS… We are adding a third deputy to the streets of Garden Oaks. A new contract went before County Commissioners Court for the addition of a third dedi- cated deputy to patrol Garden Oaks. As of this writing, the new deputy has not yet been assigned. Watch next month’s Gazette for further information. Thanks to Deputy CJ Mangano and Deputy JJ Tudman for their continued diligence in keep Garden Oaks safer. Thank you again to all Garden Oaks neighbors who are now supporters of our program. In addition to the list pub- lished last month, please find a list of additional supporters on page 11(this list effective 3/12/08). We still need assistance to keep our daytime officer on the streets. Currently we have funds for Deputy Mangano through the month of August and need additional funds to keep him in Garden Oaks. Take a moment Now …and program in the Constable Dispatch Number in your cell phone or home phone….713 755 7628. Your call could make a difference. Constable Program benefits included in the $180 per year donation: than 50 cents per day. There are two payment options. An annual check of $180 or a bank draft op- tion of $15 per month. Contact Terry Jeanes at 713-812-9154 or [email protected] with any questions And remember you are an additional set of eyes and ears!!!! Constable Dispatch at 713 755 7628. No matter the time of day. Your call could make the difference. March 2008 Statistics Miles Patrolled…2943 Court Citations……17 Alarm Responses….2 Written Warnings…..0 Vacations Watches….. 12 Suspicious Vehicles…..11 Park checks…136 Criminal Offenses……0 Arrests…..0 Garden Oaks Sisterhood Dea Larson 40 hours of a designated Harris County Constable ( in addition to the GOMO contract of 40 hrs. per week) A total of 80 hrs per week!!!! Vacation watch by Harris County Constable. Forms available at: ces Security Checks for insurance discounts. Alarm contact/ response by Harris County Constable Perceived value by prospective new neighbors considering buying in Garden Oaks because the neighbors work collectively to make the neighborhood safer Low Cost. The annual fee is $180 per year (Jan-Dec), which is less Those who may not yet have made a contribution please see the link with the form at ContributorForm.pdf Constable Precinct 1 Dispatch 713-755-7628 5 If April showers bring May flowers, then it must be time for the GO Sisterhood to meet and share gardening survival stories! This month’s meeting will be held on the third Thursday, May 15 th at 7:30PM at 512 West 33 rd Street, the home of Beverly Jernigan. All Garden Oaks women are invited to attend as we always have a great mix of newcomers and regu- lars of every age group! Please bring a beverage (wine seems to be a favorite) or snack to share. Ques- tions? Call Dea Larson at 281-920-0325 or email at [email protected]
The Garden Oaks - page 6
2008 Home & Garden Tour Underwriters’ Generosity Benefits Our Whole Neighborhood Sheila Briones, 2008 Chairman Garden Oaks Resident The 2008 Garden Oaks Home & Garden Tour Committee offers a huge “Thank you” to the follow- ing Tour Underwriters: Corporate ($2500) Harry James Building & Design Co. Deanna Zugheri with The Metropolitan, Keller Wil- liams Realty Garden Oaks Maintenance Organization Platinum ($1000) All Star Construction, Inc. Shannon & Associates, Inc. Suzanne Anderson Proper- ties James Garman Homes Corp. Janna Alsobrook, MetLife AMS Remodeling/Hess Homes termite terrace studios Burciaga/Johnston Adver- tising Gold ($500) Facundo Home Builders, Inc. Larry Broughton, Wells Fargo Private Mortgage Banking Windswept Landscaping Studios Oscar Ochoa, OD's Print- ing 6 Terry Jeanes, RE/Max Metro Brian O’Leary & George Appling Chris Schmidt, S.C.M. Construction/Nexus Premier Custom Homes Silver ($250) Bos Lighting Design Cindy Wingo, Cindy Wingo Realtors, Inc. Karen Derr & Associates Realty Blake Woods & Laura Manchee/Modern Worth & Manchee Woods Design Tony's Mexican Restaurant Also, “Thank you” to the following florists: Cavallini’s Creations Darlene’s Flowers & Gifts Garden Oaks Florist Jana’s Flowers Mark Anthony Florist, Inc. Scherry Lindley All proceeds from the tour di- rectly benefit Garden Oaks and the surrounding community, in- cluding Garden Oaks Elemen- tary, the Garden Oaks Citizens on Patrol program, the Gazette and neighborhood beautification. A full report on the success of the 2008 Garden Oaks Home & Garden Tour was not available at press time, so watch for more details in your June Gazette! [email protected] Shannon & Associates, Inc. Shannon L. Nelson, ASID Registered Interior Designer #2026 Studio 713-802-9301 Fax 713-802-0071 Wireless 713-304-2551 Residential & Commercial Interior Design Renovation * Construction 208 W. 34 TH STREET HOUSTON, TEXAS 77018
The Garden Oaks - page 7
The following people and businesses contributed to the success of the 2008 Garden Oaks Home & Garden Tour through their time, sponsorships, and donations. Aunt Mike’s in the Heights Bead Atelier Berryhill’s Baja Grill Bill Holden Bill & Kris Flanagan Bone Voyage Pet Sitting Brenda de Alba Carey Berry Central City Air Community Coffee David Suhler Deanna & Will Zugheri Debbie Kelly Demeris Barbeque Dian Austin Dr. Lisa A. Acocella Emily Thomas Events Four Paws Doggie Daycare Garden Oaks Book Club (GoRead) Garden Oaks Bunco Club Garden Oaks Elementary Garden Oaks Garden Club Gary & Kelly Gould Georgia Lister & Hal Bowman Gig Runge Gittings GoKids Hairsay Irma’s Restaurant (Irma Galvan) J Harding & Co Jack & Margaret Welker Janet Cones Jayne Maltbie Photography Jill Smith Design Jim DiCola John Everett Photography Keiji Asakura Kevin & Kristi Murphy Lexie the Wonder Dog Linda Burrell, Jack Nadel, Inc. Liven Up! Interiors Lynn Sievers Margaret Rudd Mary Hecksel Matco-Norca Matt & Holly Veech Mel Johnson Michael Beard Mike & Debbie Dishberger Mike Roma Modern Worth (Blake Woods) MT Herring Murphy’s Deli Nia Moves Olive Anne Pat Buron Patty Walters Petrol Station Coffeehouse Rainbow Lodge Ralph Hayes Rene Gonzalez Rene Shaver Riaro Hair Salon Rita Donaldson Salon Studio (Dean McNeely Sally McDaniel Sandy Altman Shade Shana Tatum Shannon King Sheila Briones Shelley Rogers St. Arnold’s Brewery Stark Carpet Corporation State Rep. Dwayne Bohac Susan Gavin Susan McMillian Tamale Mamas Tami Earl Tammy Ayers Teotihuacan Terry Jeanes Texas Drain Technologies The Museum of Natural Science The Tuscany In Garden Oaks Tiddies Sandals Tina Parks Tina Sabuco & Shellye Arnold Tony’s Mexican Restaurant Trish Ricklefsen Urban Tails UBS Financial Services Waldo’s Coffeehouse Wayne Forster Xavier Pena Blake Woods Garden Oaks Garden Club Officers President Chris Lindsay 713-819-8412 1st Vice President Janet Cones 713-822-2532 2nd Vice President Trish Merkham 713-819-8412 Treasurer Robert De Veau 713-686-6012 Co-Secretary Cathy Waren 713-686-8686 Co-Secretary Mary Lynn Porter 713-864-5847 7
The Garden Oaks - page 8
Annual Membership Dues Statement Garden Oaks Civic Club 424 8
The Garden Oaks - page 9
Advertising & Article Submission Guidelines The Garden Oaks Gazette is the official publication of the Garden Oaks Civic Club and is published on a monthly basis. It is hand delivered to 1,550 homes the first week of each month. The Gazette’s primary purpose is to disseminate information about Civic Club activities and community events. Advertising rates are shown to the right. If you would like to purchase ad space, please contact the Editor. (See page 2 for contact information.) All articles must be submitted by the 15 th of each month for publication the following month. Contributing articles will be printed at the Editor’s discretion and edited according to space availabil- ity. Publication of any article not re- lated to the Civic Club does not imply endorsement by the Garden Oaks Civic Club and is solely the opinion of the author. Size 2 1/4 x 2 3/8 Single $60.00 Six Months $300.00 Twelve Months $580.00 4 1/5 x 2 3/8 $90.00 $485.00 $920.00 Half Page $110.00 Full Page $180.00 Back Cover $300.00 Inserts (full page only, single or double sided) Color request extra charge. $300.00 9
The Garden Oaks - page 10
Critter Corner Casey and Mau Mau Farris Happy May! A birthmark is blemish formed on the skin before birth. The cause is unknown and some types seem to run in families. According to folklore, birthmarks are unsatisfied wishes of the mother during preg- nancy. For example, if a pregnant woman craves strawberries and does not satisfy this craving then her baby might be born with a strawberry mark. This month we talk about markings on your dog’s coat. Our pet of the month has pumpkinseed marks. Pet of the Month: “Mr. May” is a Rottweiler mix named Spence Saranie. Spence is 9 or 10 years old now. One sunny Saturday morning in February the Saranie’s had their backyard gate open when all of a sud- den Spence was there lying on the deck in the sun. He came from no- where, no one had seen him before – it was almost magical. That was seven years ago. Spence is magical. There is just something about him, some mysterious quality, something I cannot put into words but if you meet him you are drawn to him. He is so kind and gentle and you can feel his goodness. Spence loves other dogs, chewing on bones, and watching out the front windows. Spence is trans- lated from the word butler meaning head of household. In his magical way he does manage the Saranie household which includes Susan and Mark, along with Lucy (Tabby), and Sophie (lab mix) who absolutely adores Spence. Spence is now being treated for bone cancer but making the best of it and still enjoying life and his family. Abracadabra, Alakazaam or Hocus-Pocus, Spence is one large potion of love and kindness. Please see photos on our website http:// PetOfMonth.html. Critters 101: Remarkable Mark- ings Common patterns and colorings on a dog’s coat are given names. See if you can spot any dogs with these special features: Ticking: small clusters of black or 10 other dark hairs that appear on a white coat, giving a dotted look. Saddle: a different color that extends over the dog’s back in the shape of a saddle. Kiss marks: small, colored (often brown) spots around the face. Blaze: a stripe of white that runs down the forehead, dividing the eyes. Mask: a clearly defined foreface (around the eyes) of a different color, which may look like goggles or a blind- fold. Feathering: the long fringe that hangs from the dog’s belly, tail, legs or ears. Trousers: the thick feathering on the hind legs of dogs like the golden re- triever. Apron: this same long feathering at the base of the neck and chest on dogs like the Rough Collie. Pumpkinseeds: small, colored “eyebrow” dots above the eyes of many dogs, such as the Rottweiler. Casey Farris is owner/operator of Bone Voyage Pet Sitting Services and Go Dog USA, Home of the Go Dog Social Club and Go Dog Academy @ Urban Tails. Mau Mau is owner/operator of Casey. Please forward your questions and pet news to Ca- [email protected] or call 713-688-6363.
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